Adult Emu living with splayed leg?


9 Years
Feb 16, 2013
Does anyone have or know someone that has an adult Emu living with a splayed leg? I have a month old that developed a splayed leg. She has become a part of the family and is a lot more than just a pet. My husband would do anything for her. Is there a procedure or some kind of surgery that can be done. Money is not an issue with this. Is there a certain age that something can be done at? I have read quite a few things that said just put her down. My husband said that wasn't an option to him, especially with all the technology out there these days.
Please if anyone has any good information (not bad please), we would be most appreciative. Although we live in the Northeast, distance is also not a problem if something can be done elsewhere in the country. Thank you all.
I rarely visit this site anymore, so I may not be able to reply:

this issue has been discussed many times. People have different opinions. Here's mine:

such birds don't survive in the wild. Full stop. If captive with other emus, they will be attacked.

Bottom line: if the bird is otherwise healthy, and ambulatory, it may live a happy life. But I caution against getting your perspective wrong, that is, of considering your feelings over the bird's. These critters are made to run, to cover vast differences, to fight for mates, to teach their chicks of the world.

If an emu has no mate, no chicks, can't run, is in any discomfort at all, then (IMHO) it's hard to see it as 'an emu.'

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