Adult Rouen female NE Wisconsin


May 31, 2020
This is a big longshot, but I thought I'd give it a try. I had a pair of pet rouens that live on my pond and an owl killed my female last night and my heart is breaking my drake. Just wondering if anyone would know where I could find an adult female to pair back up with him or if there is a swap/for sale site that anyone may know about. Already tried craigslist and marketplace with no luck. Thank you all in advance.
:welcome Very sorry for your loss. You might try your state thread. Here. I’d also recommend you secure your ducks at night to keep this owl or another one from getting your drake or any others you may bring home.
Thank you, I will try the state thread. Yes, I definitely need to keep them in at night. They were trained and became habit they went into the pen every night and I would give them some treats. Since they were doing it on their own, I got complacent and stopped closing the door down and just let them go in and out on their own. The owl must have figured out how to scare her out of it and got her. Trying to find a new friend for my drake because I cant help but feel responsible for not latching the door at night after they went in. Thank you for your response and advice it is appreciated

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