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I'm glad to see that the advertising here seems to be tied into where you are located. I was quite happy to see some ads from good businesses right here in my town. I like to support local business as much as possible.

However at the risk of offending our Moderators and having this thread pulled, I have to comment on Service Magic. A rep from them called me yesterday and gave a hard sell to get me to advertise my business with them. This person was aggressive, rude and quite nosey. I told him that I have my marketing covered and did not need their service. He kept up the hard sell and would not take no for an answer. He then said that they would bill for the referral service. That's when I hung up.

Prior to the call, I had never heard of this firm, so I was surprised to see their ad here on BYC.

Since that call, I did some research and found that they have 1000's of complains from both customers and contractors. Shoddy work and non-payment were the top 2 complaints. Also, they appear to be a shell company that operates in several states and sell client information to other spammers.

If anyone gets my company as a landscape or construction refferal, please be advised that I am NOT associated with this group. 90% of my new business is referrals from existing clients and other/or professionals. I never cold call nor would I hire someone to do it for me. I don't even promote my business on BYC forums.

Thank you.
Are you talking about on the forum or the main website?

All I ever see on the forum is national ads. Nothing local.
I think nifty sells those spots himself.

Now on the main website he uses Google adsense to handle those ads. Those can show local stuff. People bid for placement an the high bidders ads show. The website owner does not know what ads are showing unless someone tells him.
The main website.

I was impressed when I saw my heating and cooling repairman's ad at the top. Since then, I pay more attention to the ads, especially the local ones.
It's a good question that pops up often.

We control the ads on the bottom of the forum and the top sponsor ads.

The ads on the main page and those you see when you are not logged in are controlled by Google and are targeted to your location. We have no control over those ads.
Thank you, Terrie, for explaining.

I'll definately pay more attention to the official BYC advertisers.

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