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Sep 10, 2014
Hi I have a 22 day old who mummie didn' want her anymore so I have brought her indoors. She is on chic crumb plenty water only has feathers on wing so far but is there anything else I can do to make her happier, gave her mirror and cuddly teddy for company but she still seems very bored and I have no other chic or hen available for her
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A 22 day old chick with no feathers to speak of?!

Are his/her siblings feathered?

As soon as you can, if I were you, I'd get a similar-aged friend for the chick or it will risk always being an outsider, provided of course it doesn't have something so wrong with it that it was rejected for good reason.

Best wishes.
She has feathers on her wings the rest is just fluff still and she has no siblings. I tried to put her in with my new barbu d anvers but she kept pecking chic so had to seperate
Maybe the mother didn't want her anymore because she's not normal. He or she, whatever it is. Unless its breed is known for very late and slow feathering, or unless it was raised with a constant heat source 24/7 (though it sounds hen-raised to me) then this lack of feathering may indicate a thyroid disorder or genetic problem.

If it's going to be a bully I'd be rid of it personally, not worth the stress it causes the others.

Best wishes.

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