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Jul 5, 2007
My polish cross has been sitting on five Cochin laid eggs. I wasn't very optimistic they would hatch but lo and behold two baby chicks tumbled out from under her this afternoon! I moved her the unmatched eggs and the babies into a crate for now. Should I keep her separate from the other chickens?? I want her to raise the babies but I'm fearful my other chickens will hurt the babies. Will she continue to set the other eggs while she has these two already?? Should I maybe put her and the unhatched eggs back to the coop and keep the babies inside? Perfect scenario is she raises them with the flock but I dontwant to lose them! What do I do!!!! Lol Iv never hatched babies before!
I could really use some advise on how to handle these babies. I've never raised littles like these. I've searched in other forums on here but I'm not coming up with what I'm asking.
I can only tell you what I am doing. I have an OEGB that hatched out two bantam chicks. I also have a couple of aggressive laying pullets that I do not trust (they are mean birds, not sure what to do about them as I like the eggs).

So anyway my plan is to keep the broody and her chicks in a separate area until the chicks are older and faster. Same coop, all of the birds see each other, but the babies are safe.

Don't separate the mama broody from her chicks. If there are eggs left in the nest you an incubate them artificially. If the broody still seems willing to incubate the eggs then keep her chicks penned in close to her (with food and water) and wait.
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Thank you so much for the reply! I'm leaning that direction. Right now she's still sitting but the chicks are staying under her. I'll move her back to coop in the large crate and create a seperator from the rest of the flock for now I think. I just don't want to keep them away from the others too long so there's no reintroduction period. Thanks again! :)

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