Advice for chip out of beak


9 Years
Nov 17, 2010
Cottage Grove, Oregon
My EE somehow chipped the front of her top beak and I'm not sure what, if anything, I should do about it. My worry is that if I just leave it, she will continue to crack it further up. Should I trim it somehow? File it? Any advice with instructions (never dealt with this before) would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Try to file down each side so it doesn't catch on each side and split it more. I would use a toenail clipper on each side first, then file the edges with a coarse nail file. Try not to go too far so it's shorter than the bottom, you want it to overlap on top. If you flip her over and rub her belly, she just may be relaxed enough not to mind so much. Good luck!
Thanks. I did as you suggested but she'd already broken most of those "buck-teeth" looking ends off by the time I'd gotten back out there. Problem is, there is a SLIGHT bit of the middle of her top beak that is shorter than the bottom. Very small dip. I filed the edges a little so they wouldn't be so sharp and square. Thought that may help them not break further. Is the small area of the top beak going to be an issue?

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