Advice for diversifying my flock?

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    May 2, 2016
    I got my first half dozen chicks (ISA Browns) in February, lost 3 and added 6, so now I have 9. The three older ones are laying an egg a day each virtually every day. The new ones are not laying yet. I built an 8x8 walk-in coop with 12 or 14 built-in nest boxes and a good sized fenced run. I feel like I have room to grow and diversify. I'd like to add some different looking birds. The ISAs are pretty plain. I'd like to add a rooster (more than one?) because that seems natural and also interesting offspring(?) and the occasional chicken dinner. Are the ISAs fit to breed? I've heard they're not the best mothers. If so, what should I be looking for in terms of the breed of a rooster? An other advice or reference materials for someone who wants to transition to a single breed flock of all hens to a more mixed flock that produces chicks?
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    Being in Canada, ISAs aren't a typical breed. If they are like redlinks, they will not breed true. I would firstly recommend a silkie pair. The roosters are spectacular, and the hens are incredible mothers. From there decide if you would like to breed purebreds or mixed breeds. From there just go where the wind takes you! Research ornamental breeds, dual purpose breeds, even bantams. The sky is the limit! Power to poultry!!!!
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    Make sure you have plenty of the new breeds you're adding when you introduce them. Chickens tend to pick on anyone different than them. If you decide to add bantams, you should have the bantams grow up with large fowl breeds to protect them (from your current chickens when they're introduced).

    When looking for a rooster, look for gentle breeds, as those tend to grow up to be tame. If you get your roo as a chick, I'd recommend introducing him to your older hens at a younger age.

    When looking at breeds, you'll have to decide what you want and what you like best.
    I love my Houdans. They look similar to polishes, but are larger, have 5 toes and tend to be better layers.
    I also really like Australorps, Wyandottes, Cochins, EEs, d'Anvers, Cornishes (NOT cornish crosses) & Brahmas.

    You can look at the breeds here.

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