Advice for first hatching!


Apr 7, 2020

We have had a backyard flock for years now, but our first hatchlings (from our own hens) just started making their big entrance!

I'd be so thankful for any advice or links to help us ensure their survival and success!

They've been incubated in a Farm Innovators Model 4250 unit, and minimally candles/disturbed. Six have hatched, three have pipped but not hatched yet, and seven haven't pipped yet. However, we learned post fact that they should be incubated starting at the same time, not staggered by a day. Basically, we took all the eggs our hens layed for three days and added them to the incubator.

Thoughts on how to vaccinate/medicate and otherwise ensure minimal chick loss?


Jun 15, 2015
I did a few staggered hatches back when I first started hatching. They went well, and I just removed the older chicks once they dried a little so they wouldn't roll the later eggs around. Just be sure not to leave the lid open for any longer than necessary. Just open a little, grab the babies, and close. Maybe add a little water while you're in there to keep the humidity up.

I have never personally vaccinated, though I did have my hatchery chicks vaccinated for mareks. I'm sure someone who knows how to do that will be willing to help you out.
I always feed medicated chick starter, and have never had any trouble with coccidiosis. Also keep them off the ground for the first few days if you can, and I would avoid shavings and opt for paper towels / newspaper for the first little while, since they will try to eat shavings and aren't big enough to handle that yet.

Did you put the eggs in lockdown on their respective day 18s?

We won't complain if you want to share pictures of the babies ;)

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