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Mar 8, 2013
Hi, I am hoping someone can help me and stop me from panicking! My incubator has been set up for 3days, all fine, so I decide to try and hatch some of my girls eggs as its my first time! I placed them in the incubator yesterday, this morning the humidity was slightly low so I topped the water wells up. As I returned the eggs into the incubator (eggs in the holder/turner thingy) my finger got wedged down the sides of the bator, jolting my eggs in the turner!! None were cracked or am I just being totally stupid or will they be ok? Ohhh also, when candling the eggs is it best to leave them in the egg turners? Any advice would be greatly appreciated....thanks :)
I just set 7 serma eggs in the bator on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure 3 are going to not make it. The air cells looked damaged from shipping. But, I have them sitting upright and I'm not going to turn them for the first 7 days. It's been about 5 years since I've run the incubators. So Happy Hatching everyone!

Your eggs should be fine and I always take mine out to candle them. Some people leave them in the turner. I'd say do what is more comfortable for you. You just have to be careful and not drop the eggs when you place them back in the turner. I've done that once before and cracked a egg at day 14. I just melted a little crayon wax over the break and it hatched out fine on day 21.
U think they will be ok? Oh I do hope so...I'm going to be sitting on my hands for the next 3 weeks!! I no I sound like I'm over reacting, but I'm trying to breed my own brahmas and there are two very special eggs in there! Can you turn the eggs to candle them on day 3 or is it best to try and keep them in the upright position? Good luck everyone!
they will be fine if they aren't cracked (as long as you didn't detach the air cell, this is uncommon in small jolts.)

a hen will jolt them around a little when she turns them.

keep in mind, a hen does not carry a thermometer, a hygrometer, or a pocket watch. the temperature around her nest is not constant at all.

do your best to match the desirable conditions but if it varies a little don't worry about it, unless it happens for several days.

open your incubator for 15 mins a day to simulate her getting up to eat/drink. this will also help make the embryos a little stronger if a power outage happens.

if your incubator dries out, spray the eggs lightly with water as close to 99 degrees f. as you can get it without going over. (if eggs are dirty add just a little bit of bleach, this helps with bacteria to a small extent)

and the worst problem of first timers - do not help the chicks hatch, if they don't make it out on their own they probably wont make it through life.

it is ok to open your incubator on hatch day as long as you are quick, make sure your humidity comes up fast (spray with water if needed).
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Thank you so much loveourbirds! Im due to candle them later as its day 3, im looking for veins right? I have read so many different things! Im so excited! Fingers and toes crossed!
this has never been stated, so im assuming your hatching chicken eggs

I take mine out to candle, I use one of those $2 9 led flashlights. I usually wait until day 10 to candle my eggs, I have brown eggs and they are a little harder to see though.

since you are a first timer. I know your itchin to look at those eggs, like a kid before Christmas LOL. pick a white egg, you will see some veins if the egg is good, however its early so don't throw anything out yet.

wait until day 7 to cull, if nothing seems to be developing take it out. at day 10 the eggs will have a definite noticeable mass, consuming about 1/2 of the egg, on day 10 its by far easiest.
Yes chicken soooo excited its unreal! I will try my very hardest to wait until day 10 at least I should definately see something, but I am definitely like a kid before Christmas! They are even in the garage so I cant mess lol! Ok ill keep you posted, at the moment im just seeing what looks yo be the yolk but no veins.....yet!

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