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    So I'll be honest I don't know what I'm doing, I used a home made cooler and their incubation did not go well. Everything that could go wrong did. The temps got very high like 108 for at least 45 minutes, and very low, 88 overnight. the humidity which I tried to keep around 60%, ended up being too much because the air cells were tiny, looked like a day 10 cell on day 18. So I stopped adding moisture in hopes of making the cell grow. when it came to lockdown humidity was 65%-70%
    they were late. here's what happened.
    day 27: looked like most piped internally.
    day 28: no change
    day 29: no change so I put safety holes in 4 of them because I wasn't sure if it would do more harm than good.
    later that same day I wasn't sure if I should help so I tried to unzip one egg with a safety hole but it bled so I stopped.
    day 30: I noticed 4 out of the 8 had piped on the wrong side. so I made holes for them. the egg I tried to help yesterday looked like it was trying to push itself out but looked like the membrane was stuck to it. sure enough, it was and I had to wet and gently peel it off. after I removed that she pushed herself out maybe an hour later but was very weak. she also had a bit of yoke to absorb and she bled from a belly button sort of thing.
    day 31: the duckling absorbed the yoke and the cord like thing dried up but she was still very weak. noticed another egg piped on the wrong side and died. another died without even trying. that night I tried to chip off some of the shell off the remaining eggs, and peeled off the browning membrane and put vaseline on the remaining membrane. they all bled when I took off the dried membrane.
    day 32: I tried to help a few more out but stopped when they started bleeding again. later that night 3 came out on their own but bled on their tummies. two of these are doing great. the 3rd had quite a bit of yoke to absorb, and the duckling that hatched a few days ago is getting weaker not long trying to move around much. the remaining 2 in eggs tried to come out but they had a lot of yoke left so I gently pushed them back in and wrapped a paper towel around them and taped them in.
    today: the first duckling is very bad so I gave her sugar water and egg yoke but she won't even open her mouth. on all the ducklings except 2, their eyes seem to be sealed shut despite me clean them with a warm wet paper towel. also, I took the paper towels off the other 2 they almost immediately came out. bled like the others but no yoke to absorb. I also noticed the one that came out yesterday will yoke to absorb had fully absorbed its yoke but has a foot it won't
    open and scoots around on its knuckles.
    Question time. what can I do about their eyes? what can I do about the weak one? What can I do about the foot that won't open?

    EDIT: the oldest duckling passed away.
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