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Apr 11, 2010
The little chick I brought in that was soo weak. I tried putting a stuff ducky in with it.. but it still chirps like crazy. Any idea what else i can do.

if i hold it or put in my cleavage it quiets and sleeps.
Is it alone?
It is cold?

Nutrition is key. Hand feed it yogurt and get a vitamin in the water.
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he/she has sugar water. warm. there is no other chicks with him/her.. how do i make up a warm chick starter mash?
An alone chick will chirp a LOT. I'd suggest putting another in with it for company.

Don't worry about a warm mash. Just make sure he/she has plain dry starter mash. Sugar water, in my opinion, serves little purpose. Vitamins are important, sugar isn't. Yogurt and scrambled eggs are loaded with nutrition and birds LOVE IT.
i cant put any chicks in with him/her as they are alot bigger. i dont want him/her to get trampled.. I dont know if he/she is eating
One other chick won't trample it.

Hand feed it and see if it takes any food.

Watch it close and have faith. I've had plenty of runt chicks pull through.
Well the other chicks are with mommy, so little one will have to wait for buddy in the morning. Really dont want to take another baby away from mommy. its 10pm here.. Only took this one away becuz it was almost life list and cold.

the little chick pecked at the food but that was about it.. didnt show much interest. he/she is drinking pretty good though. Chirping up a storm unless you hold him/her..
Agreed! 1 is enough to help... they want company by nature and a lone chick will not quiet otherwise.

Yup. It's gonna be a chirper all night but chirping is a good sign.

You could always let it sleep with you.
Keep it warm and cuddle. Just be ready for the chick to think you're it's new mommy.

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