Advice needed for Hen with hurt toe :-(

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    Hi! I have a Bantam Cochin that hurt her toe today. It looks like she broke her toenail down by the base of her toe while she was out foraging today [​IMG] It was bleeding so I put flour on it to stop the bleeding and brought her inside. She is walking on it, but will lift her foot up I think if she taps her sore toe on the ground. I have her inside and it hasn't bleed anymore, but it red. Is there anything else I should check, watch for or do for her toenail? Her foot and toe seem Ok when she walks or moves around, but just want to make sure I haven't missed anything. Any advice is VERY much appreciated!!!! Thanks!
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    Nov 22, 2014
    It sounds like you've done everything right[​IMG]. Just keep it clean and I would wrap it if it starts bleeding again. If it show signs of infection you could put Polysporin or other anti-bacterial cream on it. You could soak her foot in a salt bath to clean it. Good luck!
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    Broken toenails hurt a lot, and she may limp for a bit. My faverolles hen broke hers off jumping over a chaining fence, and it did not grow back.
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    Thanks so much for your responses! I have some Polysporin on hand just in case. We have her in and settled down for the night. Poor thing keeps putting her on foot up if she bumps her toe [​IMG] No more bleeding so that is good...whew! Going to keep her inside the next few days to keep it clean. Will it always be sensitive if her nail doesn't grow back?
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    One of my bantams broke a toe nail couple of weeks ago. It was sore for a while. It was raggedy with a piece hanging and bled a lot so I washed her foot carefully, clipped off the hanging piece and dipped her toe in Blu Kote. Healed up fine, just sore for a while.
  6. calichicken

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    Yay...thanks for the advice and good news! this morning it is looking pretty good! She broke her's clean off by the base of her toe, so I am just a bit worried about dirt getting into it. The tip is still pretty red. She is walking around on it ok and will still lift her foot a bit I think if she hits it wrong [​IMG] Still have her inside for now so it has a bit more time to heal [​IMG]

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