Advice needed!! Please


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May 5, 2015
I have a duck who is hatching some goose eggs. Two have hatched this morning. One started breaking through the shell at around 5:30 pm ish. It is now almost 9 pm and he/she is halfway out of the shell. Half the shell is gone and but not out all the way yet...should I do anything to help or will the mama help him? Please any advice is appreciated
Thanks SnowPee. Unfortunately he didn't make it. He was half out of the shell but failed qucikly. It looked like he was still attached to the air sack when I checked. Any advice for future situations would be appreciated. I am fairly new to this. Thanks again
If he wasn't vigorous enough to finish the hatch, chances are he would not have lived long anyhow. If waterfowl are hatching waterfowl eggs and fail, that is an indication that something wasn't right.
Thanks WalnutHill. I actually feel better knowing that now. Poor little guy really tried, but just couldn't do it.

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