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Oct 31, 2011
One of our GSDs is now about three years old, and we have struggled to put weight on him, and keep it on. We've tried almost everything (high quality dog foods, etc.). Our vet has not been able to find anything wrong with him, other than he is way too thin. We're assuming high metabolism, which would make you think that he needs to eat more a day. Except that he'll only eat a certain amount of food a day (right around a pan full), no matter how many times you feed him. He's SUPER picky about his food. He currently weighs around 60 lbs, but he's a big boy height and length wise.

The only thing we haven't tried is making our own dog food. I thought someone might be able to give me a good recipe they use, that will help in bulking him up. I don't think I'm looking for a high fat diet (maybe?), but definitely a high kcal diet. We raise our own beef, eggs and milk, so I have those things at my disposal that I know are natural and chemical/antibiotic free type stuff.

I suppose I'm not opposed to a raw diet, but I don't neccesarily understand it (and I think I have a lot of misconceptions about it), so I would need someone to hold my hand and teach me.

Thanks in advance for any replies. :)
you can try Satin Balls. Otherwise, has he been tested for SIBO and/or EPI? The test for SIBO is known for false negatives though.

5 pounds ground meat
5 cups Total whole grain cereal
5 cups oats (slow cooking type)
2½ cups raw wheat germ
¾ cup oil
¾ cup molasses
6 egg yolks
5 packets gelatin
2 ½ tablespoons Solid Gold Seameal supplement
Mix up, form balls, freeze, feed as treats or food supplement.​
Mix all ingredients together thoroughly like you would a meatloaf.
Roll into balls no larger than 1 inch diameter.
Divide into at least 6 separate containers or bags. Freeze. Thaw as needed for feeding.
you don't want anything too high in fat. too much fat can cause pancritious (sorry I can't spell today)
I've had the same problem with one of my dogs. She's still young, and super active, and like yours, will only eat so much. We raise ducks, so every morning I scramble a couple of eggs for her. I also buy chicken backs from the wholesale store and cook them up and give those, along with the broth over her (special "active dog") kibbles.

I like the idea of the "Satin Balls". Do you feed those raw?
oh do NOT feed cooked chicken backs!!! cooked bones splinter and can cause serious injury or death. raw chicken backs are exellent for dogs. and yes, feed the satin balls raw
no, the back bone will get hard and splinter as well unless you cook it until the bones are literally mush.
The vet I work for, and one of my best friends, also a vet, both feed chicken back bones to their dogs, but are very careful not feed the long bones.
I am not sure what a GSD is but I think it is a dog? Correct? Have you had his thyroid level checked? Also known as a TSH or Free T4. Ability to eat and eat and not put on weight is a classic sign of thyroid dysfunction. maybe also Adrenal Gland dysfunction.
I put my dogs on a pray model raw diet and it has done wonders to their health, teeth and coat. Plus every one says that they don't have a dog smell anymore. I can really tell the difference between my mom's dogs who are fed a high quality kibble and my dogs. It is really simple to do a pray model raw diet. The pray model raw diet is 80% meat 10% raw meaty bones and 10% organ half of which needs to be liver. You can also give raw egg and fish oil. Here is a site that explains the pray model raw diet and how to get started . Here is a site about the myths surrounding a raw diet . There is also a group on facebook that is really great for feeding a raw diet called Raw Food Diet For Dogs And Cats.

EDIT: Raw bones will not splinter but cooked ones will.
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