Advice on adding older chicks to younger chicks...


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Mar 11, 2014
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Ok so I have 6 chicks right at 4 weeks old. Four blrw and 2 olive eggers ( marans x) all straight run. I am positive at least one of the blrw and more like 2 are Roos. The olive eggers have me stumped, but just by their behavior I'm leaning towards Roos. Anyway.... I'm wanting to get a couple older pullets in the 3 - 4 month range. I am worried about combining the different age chicks. My current chicks have been going outside on warm days but haven't been in the coop yet and I would of course quaranteen any new girls I get. I'm also thinking the fact that the coop would be new to all involved would be beneficial... Neutral territory. So what do you think, would it be too difficult? I really don't want more young chicks right now... I want them out of the house... Haha
Hello! If you put pullets in with chicks, and there's a big size difference, then naturally the larger pullets will beat up the smaller chicks. It's just the way chickens are.

Maybe you can get really young pullets so they aren't that much bigger.......

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