Advice on avoiding disaster in next try at hatch please!

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    So I set two dozen of my own chickens eggs in November and all went well except one short power outrage til the end. Then. I lost my mind and forgot to take them out of the turner til day 20. Also humidity stayed low til then too. All but three had chicks but they all died. Please tell me it was from my stupidity. I have more eggs coming this week. My girls are on winter break and I needed some new blood. But I don't want to kill them!
    I have a Little Giant with a turner. The temp was very stable except when I raised the humidity and then it dropped to 98.
    I don't have a fan in there.
    Please tell me what I did to kill them so I won't do it again!
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    Apparently you KNOW what you did wrong. Now, are these shipped eggs coming? Because if so, and you have a 50% hatch rate, you are doing really, really good. Shipped eggs are a crap shoot. I have had 0% and I have had 60%.... You just never know.
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    Thanks, I hope I do.
    Yes, shipped eggs. I did two batches last year of shipped and did ok with about 30 percent and that was after the po scrambled the first set and my seller did a horrible packing job.
    Praying for better this time of course.
    Bator is going on tomorrow. Shipping Tuesday, so hope to get and set by the weekend.
    I have a wonderful mix of colored eggs coming, pink, dark pink, blues and greens she does egg color breeding crosses. These will be egg layers. I am also praying I get my blue and splash marans bidding here!! Those will be breeders! I have a pretty black copper hen and a roo but he isn't so perfect I don't think. I have a trio of older cuckoo marans too in their own pen.
    This may be my year to go nuts with the chickens!! But what's a girl to do? I love it!!
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    Oct 23, 2010
    I just started hatching eggs and made several newbie mistakes.. now have my second set in the incubator.

    my hatch rates varied - My own eggs 8 out of 11
    from one seller - 10 out of 12
    from another seller - 6 out of 15

    I was able to get auction eggs fairly reasonable so I was happy with my baby chicks.

    The eggs in the incubator are from two separate sellers.. both packaged well but the shipment within my own state arrived with a broken egg.. I am worried about just how jumbled the PO journey was (although it should have been a short trip).. the other arrived from one state away.. took 4 days to arrive! Luckily it was one Southern state to another and the weather was mild.

    Hatching is addictive.. oohh so addictive!!!

    my name is Shelly and I am a hatchaholic

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