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    I had a BO hen die last week. She was about 8 months old. First noticed her limping, not wanting to put weight on her right leg. She declined from there, began losing her balance and using her wings to try to stay upright. Lost a lot of weight. Comb was pale when I first noticed that something was wrong. I took her in and she just got worse, died a week later. I took her to a person I know to be very knowledgeable on chickens. Not a vet. She thought that maybe she had a cold? I purchased some antibiotics through her. Didn't help, perhaps she wasn't getting the proper amount. I was giving it to her in a cat food mixture. She didn't hate it but did not seem to want very much of it. She did not seem to think that it was Merrick's. If course it was my sweetest and favorite chicken that this happened to. Well now my second favorite chicken is limping. She is a buff brahma, about 5 months old. She is not showing as many signs of illness or disease as the first. However I am worried that she will get there. I am new at owning chickens. Does anyone have any advice or has anyone experienced anything similar? I would love to save this bird if I can.
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    I'm sorry for your loss, and for you ill hen. The age that your chickens are getting sick is common for Mareks to strike if they haven't been vaccinated. The symptoms also sound like it. I would recommend getting a necropsy done on this sick bird if she dies. Not all chickens die from Mareks, and some may a natural immunity to it. A blood test can be done through Texas A&M for Mareks, or a necropsy (request testing for Mareks.) Here is a good list of links to read about Mareks, and the last one is a link for finding your state vet to get a necropsy.'s_Disease

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