Advice on saving chicken from dog attack. Help


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Jan 4, 2009
Hi folks,

here's the situation.
Yesterday, one of my RIR's got flung by the dog. This is the second one that this has happened with. The first one took about three days to come out of her trauma and I didn't sew her up, but she healed and now is all better. Yesterday's hen has torn skin from below her ears to middle of her back ad some is missing. I sewed her up and disinfected the best I could. Obviously, she is not feeling well. She looks a mess. Her wings hang down due to the skin on back missing, I guess. I clipped her wings so she could walk without tripping. This morning I gave her some Clyndmyacin and she ate a strawberry. I put her in the coop with others and they seemed ok with her. They peck at her. I don't know if she needs to be separated from other chickens or even if I have done the right thing by sewing. It was just big and gapping open skin exposed to air. Her stitches are looking Fine today, she is just sleepy and hiding away from others.
It would be very helpful to isolate her just so she could really rest without the others "checking and pecking." Be sure and put some hydrogen peroxide on her....keep her quiet, hydrated and fed and I'd say the odds for recovery are good.
is it your dog attackin?
wants a dog starts that it can be pretty tough to break it?
they may have survived this time but what about next time
If she is out of shock than that is good. Definately seperate her from the others and since you did sew her up keep the wound clean and keep on with the antibiotics. Neosporin is good just don't use anything with the word caine in it, its toxic to chickens. Sometimes the infection gets trapped inside. This is why some vets will run a drain tube through large wounds.

I'm sure she isn't feeling well and this is another reason to seperate her. Keep her eating and drinking and I think she will be O.K. Try scrambled eggs and others type goodies that would be special for her. Chickens love meat so you could give her some of that. This will encourage her to eat more and thus keep her strenth up.

Go to the search feature at the top of the page and look up the recipe for aspirin to add to her water. This sould help with her pain. Good luck and keep us informed. PM me if I can help you further. Ya'll will be in my prayers.

If she is an adult, you can give one baby aspirin twice a day.

You must definitely separate her. The others will attack and kill her because of those wounds.
yes, i would definitely separate her, if only to allow her to rest. she's not going to rest with the others around her....and certainly not when they're pecking at her.

i would keep a close eye on the wound to watch for infection.

sniff it once or twice a day.

the other reason to keep her separated is to keep her clean. it's just that much harder to keep a wound clean in a chicken coop with other chickens.
Good Morning, Rise and shine.

I thank you all for your quick response. I kenneled the hen last night in the coop. This morning I placed hen a larger kennel with food(some lay pellet, scratch, scrambled egg, and wheatgrass) and water. Will continue Clyndmyacin She is awake and aware.

so we will see how she progresses.

Thanks for telling me about toxicity of "caine" products, I didn't know.
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