Advice on selling duck eggs??


May 5, 2020
Kendallville Indiana, US
My khaki Campbell to recently started laying egg this week and I would really like to sell them. Is there anywhere I can advertise I don not want to ship, but I could probably just offer to some friends of mine. I was thinking what was a reasonable price? Her eggs keep getting bigger. Right now they are averaging around 62g with shell. Which I think would be classified as a large, hopefully soon extra-large. I want to sell them in half dozen because only one is laying. Do you think people would buy it for $6? I want to but cartons which would cost around 60-75 cent each. Could I say that they free range? I have the closed during the day but a couple times a week i open the fence. I also walk them to the lake and let them swim there for at least an hour. Could that count as free ranging? I want to let people know that she’s a happy duck. Any advice?
I do Duck eggs a dozen for $6, but I rarely sell them, there’s no market here for them. Chicken eggs are $3 for a dozen. Quail are $3 per dozen. I feel like any higher would defeat my purpose of being better than the grocery store and price gouge.

Most of the time I do eggs free to anyone. I love gifting people.
We didn't get into ducks for the eggs but more for pets and the eggs are an awesome Bonus. My GF works with a few ladies who loves our extra chicken and duck eggs. We sell an 18 of large white Rouen/Pekin eggs for $5.00 an 18ct unwashed and $3.00 an 18ct for Brown Isa Brown chicken eggs. That doesn't include the neighbors who get theirs for free. :)

I like, having fresh eggs on hand, but can only eat so many. LOL Any of the smaller eggs left over, I will scramble and feed back to the girls. Nothing goes to waste, shells included. :)

I would guess the more organic your eggs are the better price also. I see a lot of different eggs for sale posted on CL in our area. Best of luck. :)
One way I marketed my duck eggs (on CL) was with a little blurb about how authentic French bakeries ONLY use duck eggs for baking. They are THE BEST for baked goods. That's a selling point. I sell chicken eggs for $3 and duck for $4 or $5 a dozen. If you get Cayugas, they lay unusual black/gray eggs which is also a selling point.
Just wanted to update all of you:

First of all Thank you all for the advice. I ended up selling them for $3 dollars each.
I had 2 1/2 dozen and a guy gave me a $2 dollar tip. :p
I have her first batch of eggs in my fridge which she laid a month ago. Do I sell them, give them to my neighbor.. or what? I don’t want to be giving spoiled eggs.
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Around me ducks are a hard sell unless you have a baker you know. I was getting about $5 a dozen for them (I live on the southern Ohio/Indiana boarder). They're a pretty hard sell but someone near me advertises them for $6 half doz or $10 a doz but I have no idea how well they sell since I struggle to sell them for $5/doz.

Either way I just sell to help off set my feed bill so it works for me

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