Advice please-6 week old dominant behavior

6chickens in St. Charles

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Mar 25, 2009
St. Charles, IL
Our cute little brood of 9 chicks hatched every few days over the month of September, so some are only 3 weeks old. The eldest 6-week-old is acting roosterly, definitely "in the zone" of fighting/grabbing necks. The chicks and their mommas have free range over our 100ftX100ft lot with several favorite spaces to dig, spa, hunt, get drinkies. The biggest chicks are beginning to roost up high with the big birds at night. The pecking order begins!

What would you do? I've read in Barbara's thread that Mrs. Chickendad puts them in "anger management sessions". This is tempting.

I'll be able to stay close tomorrow to intervene if a younger baby looks threatened. ALL the chicks chest-bump and do "the stare", a behavior possibly learned from their mother, a Rosecomb Bantam hen who always acted roosterly. So it will be very hard to tell who's really a roo!

Any suggestions?


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Feb 5, 2009
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Let them sort it out. You didn't mention blood -- as long as no one draws blood, it's just normal pecking order behavior, and will look a little worse with such a variety of sizes.

I wouldn't do anything unless someone gets bloody.

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