Advice please! Duck is biting chickens


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A little history first... We started with 7 chicks and 1 duck together and all was fine with the duck being on the low end of the pecking order. Then we had 6 chicks killed by the neighbor's dog ( long story). We got some new chicks about the same age as the previous and tried to integrate them in. The one remaining original chick had no issues with the new ones but the duckling was different. She got aggressive, guarding the water and biting the new chicks right above their tail. We weren't sure how much to allow and ended up giving the duckling a "time out" in it's own box. We'd like to pen them together when we put them outside.

What now? Any advice is appreciated


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Welcome to BYC!

You need to separate this duck out from the rest of your birds and possibly get him a friend. But I would also follow the advice of Kelsie and post this question in our Duck section for more help.

Good luck and welcome to our flock!


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Welcome to BYC - I would suggest keeping the duckling separate from the chicks for several weeks and then reattempt an introduction. Good luck. Sometimes ducks and chickens does not work.

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If the duckling is a drake, he will attempt to breed the chicks/chickens because he doesn't have a mate of his own. Ducks are built differently and can damage or kill a chicken trying to breed her.

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