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Apr 24, 2013
I've been told that is the were the duck mommys go
I'm a new duckling owner or 10 babies...we are going to be building our duck house and space. Any advice would be a huge help. We would like to make a pond for them.
Do you build nests for each duck? How large is your space?
We have read so much, some say they don't need nests, others say yes they do. I want it to be just right when it is time to move them out into their play area.
Thanks in advance and look forward to meeting other duck owners.

Ducks don't technically need nests. One big communal area is fine. That said - I built a nest box in the coop I just completed. If they use it great, if not that's okay too.

For ten ducks you're basic rule of thumb would be shoot for 40 sq ft. You can get away with less, but it'll depend on how much time they'll spend in their coop.

I have 3 ducks and two chickens and I keep them together in an 18 sq ft space. Still working on their run, but I'm space-limited to less than 40 sq ft for that. I'm not concerned about that limitation since they'll get out to free range daily.

You'll find tons of advice here about things to consider when housing your ducks. My #1 suggestion would be to make your duck house completely secure - locks on all doors, hardware cloth over vents/windows, no openings larger than 1/2".
Welcome! What type of ducks do you have?

I make nests with straw, but do not box them in. Security is absolutely the most important! During the day it is possible to free range, but they must be in before it gets dark. Make sure that you use hardware cloth (much stronger then chicken wire) over any openings! :)
Right now we have 2 Pekin, 4 Rouen and I'm awaiting the arrival of 4 Silver Appleyards. I plan to make it good and secure for the nighttime. I have a large area we are going to work with. Its size that we are questioning as well. My fiancé would like to make it tall enough that I can stand up in the house to clean.
His thoughts are making the fenced area 32 x 32 and the duck house and small pond would go in that space.
Being able to stand in the space to clean it is a good thing. My coop is so small it's not necessary but if yours turns out large then it'll help. Noone likes bending over to work for long.

32x32 is huge. Is that their daytime-only space? It would be very expensive to predator-proof that much space if the ducks have 24 hour access to it. If it's for daytime only then you don't need the same level of security. Mine free-range in daytime with nothing more than wood fences between neighbors.

One thing to consider - if you have hawks or other airborne predators then they may be susceptible when outside unless their run is covered.
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