Advice please -- How long will transition take?


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May 13, 2009
6 hens (all different breeds), only 2 are laying so far -- and one's laying "rubber" eggs. They're all 10 months old. Moved them 6 days ago from a 20-bird flock w/ three roosters. Is this typical? (We've put out oyster shell and this morning gave them cottage cheese, which I saw the suspected shell-less egg layer eating.) Previous owner says she only got 4 rubber eggs in 2 years. Is this common with transitioning the flock?
I think the stress of moving and getting into a new environment might cause that to happen.

I noticed that with my hens when there is a stress factor involved. Namely - new youngsters I'm adding into the flock. They are in a seperate pen, but can be seen by my original hens and that caused a little uproar with my original flock and they started laying rubber like eggs, or shell-less eggs. And egg breaking.

I think the situation will calm down after awhile. Sounds like giving them oyster shell and cheese will help. Don't give too much in the "goodies" department. They do need to have they're regular laying feed. Good luck!

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