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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Hannahxk, Aug 25, 2014.

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    I am new to duck keeping and new to this forum, I hope you may be able to advise and/or reassure me ! Yesterday I got my two runners, they seem to be settling in ok, although they seem more wary of me today than yesterday (possibly because of the performance we had at bedtime last night).
    My drake is a lot more bold than my timid little girl, she sticks to him like glue and copies everything he does ! However since being on "duck watch" the last 24hours (they are just fascinating), I notice that every couple of minutes my drake is pecking at my girls beak. This has been going on constantly since I bought them home yesterday ! Is this something I should try to discourage ? Is he getting annoyed with her ? She likes to be very close to him and often rubs her head on his neck (duck cuddles?) but every time she does ... Again with the beak pecking ! Or is this totally normal ?
    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
    Hannah :)
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    My goodness are they a lovely couple. and Welcome to BYC.. I'm not sure what could be going on with the pecking but if he isn't being aggressive about it maybe he's just trying to say give me some space. lol It takes time to get settled so maybe once they feel comfy this will pass. He of course is her hero. If she is rubbing his neck that sound interesting I have never seen my Muscovy's do that with a drake. and it could just be nervousness too. give them a week and see if you don't see some of this just drop off. as they get use to their new home and the person who is caring for them. [​IMG]

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