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11 Years
May 19, 2008
I got my first batch of eggs to incubate in the mail today. I got them through ebay, from a seller with good ratings. The auction was for 12 Ameraucana/Araucana eggs which I think will be EE just based on what I've read on the site. Anyway....I need help with deciding on a neutral or negative feedback. I'm happy that they sent 16 eggs!!! I think the packaging could have been done A LOT better though!! They were put into cardboard egg cartons cut in half (one cut into thirds) and a piece of paper towel was stuck on top of the eggs before it was closed. They were stuck in the box together and packaging peanuts were around them. Here's what I ended up opening up:

I was able to get 11 non-cracked or broken eggs out of the 16 so that's okay too. But, 3 or 4 of them I had to spend time trying to get dried yolk off of along with paper towel, egg carton and even bits of shell from the broken eggs. There are 2 uncracked ones that still have bits of another shell stuck to them that I can't get off. I didn't use water or anything to get the stuff off them either. I pulled the paper off and was able to scratch some of the carton and yolk off with my fingernail. I have those 11 resting....but I'm not very hopefull for a decent hatch.
What do ya'll think about the feedback issue? TIA!!
I would send the pictures to the seller first and see if they will either refund part of your payment or replace the eggs and package them better. Seeing how badly the eggs are damaged might just help them realize they need to do a better job. Did they specify any terms or conditions for replacing eggs? Sellers usually won't refund or replace eggs for a poor hatch, but they should offer something since poor packing is soley their fault. Try that first and see what they are willing to do. A seller doesn't want negative feedback since it only hurts their reputation in the long run.
Personally, I would only leave negative feed back if the seller was completely unreasonable and refused to do anything to resolve the issue.
Just my 2 cents....Hope this helps.
I agree. The packing could have been far better than it was, but give the person a chance to work with you. The feedback system on eBay can be pretty unforgiving. Maybe the seller was having a rough day or had "help" in getting those eggs packaged. Sending them the pics and explaining what you received gives them the opportunity to make it right or show their true colors. If you just send a negative feedback, they are likely to do the same to you, which is no fun. If they respond to your request in a negative fashion (or ignore you completely), you'll have more of a leg to stand on and can write those facts into your feedback.
Thanks guys
What I wanted was to hear that I wasn't crazy and that it wasn't packages correctly
I will be contacting the seller before leaving any feedback.

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