Advice sought/eggs will be here today... HELP...

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    Nov 27, 2010
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    I have gotten the Brisnea mini advance... whoot whoot

    Turned it on yesterday thinking... the eggs would be here yesterday.. Heres my questions

    1.When eggs arrive- do I set the eggs up in an egg carton , small end down- bigger end up/ for 12 hours before placing in incubator? or do I have to wait... or just put eggs in.. incubator as soon as they arrive? keep in mind this incubator you lay eggs down ...

    2.Now, I noticed something that I am a little concerned with.. every time I open the lid.. to add or fill water into the one side of the resevoir( comes with two sides) I am told to keep one side topped with water- The temp drops soooooooooooooooo fast... Is that going to cause issues during the incubation time period for those first 19 days.. before it goes into lock down??? same with if I add a couple more that will need to be hand turned.. ??? the system is auto turn but... wondering as I have seen others add extra eggs in.. and choose to hand turn those 3 times a day.. WHAT HAPPENS TO THE EGGS.. EACH TIME I OPEN THE LID/ AND TEMP DROPS????

    3.Please someone explain .. exact day that it stops turning... another words if I set the time on the incubator for 21 days.. I have a fear.. I do something wrong and the machine is still turning the eggs.. LOL

    What exact day from 1-21 is the day.. you completely stop turning eggs?? is that on day 18 or is that day 19.. another words.. if an egg actually hatched on day 21.. is it two full days of no turning eggs.. or is it 3 full days of no turning????

    Thank you all so very much
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    Let the eggs sit overnight (or at least 8 hrs) to settle before you lay them in the incubator.

    The MiniAdvance recovers temp remarkably fast. It is not unlike a hen who gets up to go potty and comes back to the nest, so don't worry!

    Set the days for 21, on "auto" and it will count down from there, and when there are three days left, it will stop turning them. Oh! Set the angle at 15, that manages to roll the eggs better.

    When the auto turner stops turning the eggs, open the unit one last time, tAke out the eggs (and candle them), take out the turner plate, put in a paper towel, add the water to the second pot so both are full. Put the eggs back in - this should have taken just a very few minutes.

    Also, get yourself a hygrometer , small one, to put inside to monitor the humidity, from day one!

    You'll do fine, the 'bator is nearly fool-proof. [​IMG]
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