advice wanted on almost 4 weeks bantam


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Apr 27, 2012
MIssissippi Delta
I received mixed Batmans hatched on 9/25 from ideal poultry. All of them but this one have been doing good. This one has always been weak and we’ve always felt like they might not make it. But so far it has been hanging in there. The only thing I have noticed is it has pasty butt and his anus pulsates constantly. I just noticed that when he went poo it’s squirted out running but no blood. What are some things I can try or do ? I’m attaching some pics..


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The vent area looks raw and like it has been pecked. How long has it had pasty butt? I would give it a little plain yogurt, about a tsp mixed into some watery chick feed. Tomorrow, get some Probios powder from the feed store, and some Nustock cream if you can find it. Apply it to the vent twice a day. In the meantime I would use a little plain neosporin on her vent.

I probably would start some Corid in their water for 5-7 days, just in case she has coccidiosis. Dosage is 2 tsp of Corid liquid per gallon of water. Some chicks are born weak, or with something wrong. I hope you can save it.

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