Advise needed for Incubator purchase

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by jjaazzy, Aug 18, 2016.

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    I have been hatching for a couple years now, using the inexpensive ones from China, I had good and bad luck with them, but I am on my 4th headed for my 5th, I could have purchased a really good one by now. I want something reliable but easy to clean. I am looking at the Dickey and the Sportsman 1502. I would like for it to incubate and hatch as well. So for those out there that have a moment, here are my concerns. Availability of Parts, ease of use (I want digital), ease of repairing, ease of cleaning. (I see the Dickey has wood walls how do you clean that?
    I know that when my incubators were brand new I had the best hatches and that has to be because it was super clean. I tried getting into these incubators to clean them and there was so much fuzz and gunk in the fan blades, and areas I just could not reach, it was impossible to get to it all. Tried leaving it in the sun for a bake clean and then it rained and ruined it.
    Also would like suggestions for purchase, I am in Fla so Dickey is pretty close to me. Last year I saw some go on sale, kinda hoping for the same situation this year. I did a lot of research on this forum but nothing was really current. Thank you all in advance. Oh, just hatching chicken eggs. And I am thinking I can use my egg trays from my Chinese incubators, yes?

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