Advise please... 19 Week old Welsummer with chemically smelling poop!


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Hi all - frequent visitor, first time poster... I have a 19 week old Welsummer that has been pooping watery poop with red tissue in it for about 2 days now. Yesterday she wasn't eating too well, either, but by the afternoon she was chowing down as normal. After seeing the first 2 poops with the red tissue I looked it up here (thanks!) and felt a little better thinking the little bits of tissue were normal. Maybe she's getting ready to lay??? Then she was eating better so I felt better. HOWEVER, This morning I discovered another yucky poop and the SMELL was awful! Not nasty coecal poop smell, but more chemically, like petroleum or turpentine or something. The red tissue was there, too. I have 5 chickens including her and none of the others are pooping like this. Other than the poop, she looks okay. She ate a little this morning but now I'm really worried. Any ideas???
Update - I just went out to check on the girls and saw her poop. Very runny and another long tissue looking thing. Could it be a worm??? It isn't moving and it looks pinkish... about 1 inch long... The hen looks miserable. She's just hunkered down on her favorite roosting spot all fluffed out. She's also very affectionate and letting me pet her and "cuddle" her, which she's not usually that tolerant of. Any help would really be appreciated.
Red tissue in laying hens should only be in the eggs if that is the problem. Look up corid and cocci and see if that is your problem.
no segments, just a long pinkish/reddish thing. I hate to say that it looks like a worm but it is smooth, and it does not move. The chicks came to me at 1 week with cocci... this looks different. Would giving them corid hurt them so close to laying? None of them are laying yet.
ahh the poop site! Gotta love it! So hers looks like a combo of the "normal" tissue one (guess it would be pic #9) and the watery one. But I was worried 'cause that it all she kept pooping. Update: as of this morning she seems better. She ate last night and ate again this morning and seems much more animated. Poop is still watery, but no more tissuye stuff. So I guess she's okay.... maybe she just has morning sickness or PLS??? Thanks Foreverlearning for your help!
Watery is not always a big deal. If the bulk looked like the normal one than she should be fine. It's just like us in the summer time when you take in too many fluids and not enough food.

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