aesthetics of bloom?


8 Years
Feb 14, 2011
Oceanside, CA
My EEs are just starting to lay, we have had 3 eggs in 3 days.

Previously I have asked here about a gray coating covering my olive eggs. It's really solid, the eggs look completely gray until you wipe them off with water. I am keeping them in the fridge until we have enough for a decent egg feast, and the gray comes back even after wiping them several times (it's quite a pastime for my kids- "look it's gray again already!") I was told the gray is a bloom and that it is a protective coating to keep bacteria out of the eggs naturally. I think that's great, and don't really want to wash it off. But then again, I am disappointed that we can't see the true color of the eggs.

I guess what I'm really wondering is, will my girls always lay eggs with such a thick bloom that we won't see the egg's true color or is it just because they are young? Is this a quirk that my girls specifically have and others don't? When I see pics on BYC of brown and blue eggs I wonder if they have been washed or if they look like that right out of the hen. I never thought I would be so preoccupied by the "prettiness" of my girls' eggs, but here I am...

You thoughts?
i have one quail that lays an olive egg with brown spots, and it is shinny and lovely.
The other girl lays one that is blue with brown spots but covered in a dull mat. You can not tell they are blue until you wash them. When the water dries it is mat again.
I think it is just the way it will be.
You may want to try getting another ee from different stock and see if you get the cleaner looking eggs.
I have BOs and not one lays the same finish or color of egg.

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