Afraid my Polish is a Roo, can anyone confirm?


8 Years
Oct 25, 2012
Horsham, Pa

My Pretty Polish Chicken Flo,(about 6weeks) I just got them a couple weeks ago and love them so much!! Especially my polish!! But I am afraid it is a Roo, and I cannot have a Roo can anyone confirm from this picture? Flo is pretty aggressive and talks a lot, seems to be in charge. The waddle is larger than my others, that I am sure are all female, Flo also has 2 little "horns" you can kind of see in the pic.

Thanks for any help!

Edit, I am wrong in the age, time fly's when you are having fun, they are actually 8-9 weeks old.
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I was thinking that Polish was a pullet, the crest is nice and round but the chick on the left looks like a cockerel.
Yes, the polish does have a nice round crest, but I don't think a 9 week old should have big, red wattles and comb already. The crests are tricky, and should not be trusted every time. I have seen cockerels with rounded ones and pullets with total rocker doos. Now if the ages are off and it really is older, then you might have a case for a pullet.
Na.. he started to Crow! lol I also had to get rid of my silkie, also a Roo, the rest are all Pullets :) I did get another 5 chicks, another silkie, ( and i have a feeling this silkie is a Roo) and they did not have any Polish :( so maybe next time i get more, I will get a polish again.
If you want to know if your new silkie is a male or female just post a pic. ;) Polish chickens are soooooooooo pretty! I love 'em! (I don't have any, but I want some!)

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