After 3 days, she did it (pic)! Was it the plastic egg?


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Western WA
Our big Kahuna gave us a big brown egg today
She's been going up to the nesting boxes faithfully every morning, and after 3 days she did it! Was it the plastic egg I put in there this morning? I don't know. What's funny is when I was changing out the water in the coop this evening I found a soft little egg. From someone else?? Whatever, it's just so darn cool!!!

The Kahuna was hatched May 1st, so that's about 4 months. She's been trying for a week now, and laid some runny stuff first. I don't know if it helped, but I've been giving them plain yogurt for extra calcium.

Congrats, Christina!!
I am nervous and excited and anxious for our first egg(s)! Our girls range from 18-22 weeks and their breeds are varied too. We have boxes in place and false eggs too. My son and I saw one of our Cinnamon Queens seriously investigating one of the nest boxes. Super excited and can't wait!
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