After adding to the flock, not getting eggs

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    Aug 1, 2010
    I recently added 5 bared rocks to my flock of 2 Rhode Island Reds who had been giving me 1.8 eggs a day. I am now two weeks later getting only 3.5 eggs a day. I know that they would be off for a little while, but how long will they be off? My Reds in the past had started laying in different areas from time to time and I'd have to find the nest to remove the eggs before they'd go back to laying in the boxes. So could they all be laying eggs off somewhere and I just need to look for them? They are allowed to range all over the area, we have about 2 acres of area with trees and two out buildings that they could hide eggs in. How long before I start getting concerned about the lack of eggs?
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    I added chicks to my mature flock last april that was producing 25 to 30 eggs per week, the mature hens slowed to about 5 to 6 eggs per week since then. I'm sure the hot summer has had alot to do with it also. I've had to buy store bought eggs since then and save the 5 or 6 eggs for Sunday morning breakfast. One Sunday we had to have store bought eggs for breakfast [​IMG] and I realized how much I missed fresh free range eggs..
  3. 1.8 eggs? wow...those are some kind of chickens...[​IMG]
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    That's exactly what I was thinking!!!

    My mature flock slowed down quite a bit this summer to, due to the heat & humidity. And whenever I add to the flock they seem to take a few weeks to get back into their normal laying habits...they're busy establishing their new pecking order, vying for the best perch on the roost and determining who gets to lay in the favorite nesting boxes. I think part of it determines how long your mature flock has been on their own. Are the RIR 1 yr old or less? Or has it been just the two of them for a couple years? The longer it's been just the two of them, the longer it will take to adjust to new family members - I think!

    Good luck....and hopefully their numbers increase to whole eggs! [​IMG]

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