After cocci?

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    Jun 21, 2014
    We lost one pullet but the others pulled through with Corid. Most had bloody poop. It's been 4 days on Corid and they are happy, hungry and active again today.

    How long to continue at full strength? Do you do a half strength or prevention dose after? They are 7 weeks old. I'm going to keep them on medicated feed for a few more weeks.

    Will they be more resistant now that there had it?

    We need to get a few more chickens. How long to wait?

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    Aug 3, 2015
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    After 4-5 days of using the corid product and seeing significant improvement, wait a week. After a week, use it for those amount of days again to be sure that no more coccidiosis parasites are laying around and straggling. By then, the parasites would've either found their way back to the chickens or not. If not, then you shouldn't worry about using it again unless you notice the symptoms once more (which would most likely be a while from their last diagnoses).
    You can get more chickens after that, it is fine. The medicated food is good to keep your hens strong. It is fine to use, and more than likely to help them stay more resistant.
    After the week that you start using the corid one more time to make sure the parasites are gone for good, it is 100% safe to buy more chickens.
  3. lanaschix

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    Jun 21, 2014
    So it's the 5th day. Are you saying stop the medicine today wait one week and then do 5 more days?
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    Read directions giving full dosage over time recommended. Effort to keep birds clear of feces then and for at least as few days after treatment ends. Birds need to heal and catch up.

    Partial / truncated treatments less effective and promote development of cocci resistant to treatment.

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