After eggs pip can I move them to a warming area?


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Fountain, Florida
So my husband and I just upgraded to a automatic egg turner. So we are wanting to know if on hatch day or when we see the eggs start to pip is it ok to move them to a box with a light that is the same temp as the incubator? What do we do for the humidity? My husband said we could use a sponge and some water?
I wait at least 24hours before i take them out or they will chill and die:( for humidity i use a shallow water pan during hatching or sponge works good just make sure the sponge isnt cold
Ummm, NO! Leave them be until the hatch is done and the chicks are all fluffed up. It's a really bad idea to mess with stuff during the hatch--the temps and humidity start going all over the place and you end up with weak and shrink wrapped chicks. They'll be fine in the bator. Happy hatching!!

ETA: The turner should come out around day 18 when you start lockdown--couldn't tell from your post if you knew that so wanted to mention it just in case.
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