'After-market' Nesting Boxes

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    So I built my coop with the nesting boxes as the last thing I would do. Life got in the way (human babies and all) and then this week we got our first egg! I needed nesting boxes, fast.

    I originally planned on building some boxes inside with scrap plywood I have around, but that is a lot of work. While at Home Depot I thought about using 5 gallon buckets and modifying them, but they aren't big enough. Then I looked at plastic totes. It would work, but I would like something a bit nicer even if it is concealed inside. Out in the garden section there were pots, and some really nice wooden barrel types. They weren't cheap though.

    Then I found some nicely done flower boxes that were perfect. The boxes, a couple of 4" PVC adaptors, a 4" cap, 2 little nobs and a tube of glue/sealant:


    I managed to get them installed in just a bit over an hour (not including the trip to Home Depot). Used a jigsaw to cut holes in the wall and the bottom of the boxes, screwed the box to the floor and then to the wall from the outside. Sealed/glued the edges of the pipe adapters, and attached the nobs to the caps. I also added a 2x3 strip to the bottom front across the boxes for a threshhold. Popped in a fake egg and my fingers are crossed they start laying in there. =)

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    Nice hack!

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