After reading a few posts in here....


10 Years
Sep 11, 2009
Poland, ME
I hope my chicks never get injured. I just feel so bad for the ones that have to ask for help. It's seems so much more complicated having a chick injury than having a dog or cat injury.

With a dog or cat, all you have to do is pack them up and drive to the vet.

With a chick it seems you need to be your own vet.

Holy cow! What am I getting myself into?!
It does look scary when you look at all the posts about injured or sick birds, but don't get too worried. You gotta think about how big BYC is, and how many people are posting. That puts the injuries in a little better perspective. Read them, say a little prayer for the folks who have those problems, and then learn from them.

And rest assured that if you ever do have a problem like that, somebody on BYC will have an answer for you, too!

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