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Apr 18, 2008
I can't believe's deja vu all over again.

I went out to the barn this morning to feed the horses...instantly noticed my old gielding's eye was swollen and he was holding it closed. My heart sank when I got a better look at we go again, another horse, another eye problem!

We had just gotten over my little filly's eye puncture which ended up costing my family close to $2,000 to fix, plus a major headache w/her having to go stay at the vet's office w/ her mom for 2 1/2 weeks while she recovered. The vet had said at the time her eye puncture was the worst he had ever seen. Luckily she didnt lose her eye and it resulting only a small spot that she's blind in, in that one eye. We had just gotten her home a few weeks ago and were getting back to normal life.

Now this. So I made the call to the vet, he luckily had a cancellation so came out and did his work. Yep, a ulcer indicating a scratch...UGH! And my poor gielding is so old, in his late 20's...I'm so protective over my old man. Luckily we caught it soon enough and it doesnt appear to be that serious at this point in time. Now I get to do the fun job of driving out to the barn (they are at a different location from where we live) and putting ointment in his eye 3-4 times every day, for at least a week or two. And here comes another huge vet bill...will it ever end!!!

I'm feeling so completely discouraged and just plain depressed and worried right now. I just got back from putting the ointment in his eye again, he totally fought me...and I *hope* I got it in there enough. I nearly broke down in tears. Oh did I also forget to mention that I'm 6 mos pregnant too! Yeah, wonderful!! Talk about a bad hubby's Gma died last night too! Ughhhh!

Anyone had to face eye problems w/their horses too? Any words of encouragement about his eye condition? I'm just so down in the dumps. Hope I can do this myself (hubby's WAY too busy at work to help me) and what if I can't get all the ointment in it and it gets worse. Ugh.
Coco you have alot on your plate right now. Stay positive, the eye will get just be careful around that horse trying to fight with him in your condition...
I totally feel for you, and yes I've had eye problems here too. When Misty (in my avatar)was about 2 years old I had her tied to a pole. She pulled back hard, for no real reason, totally unexpected because she has been handled, tied and has been exposed to nearly everything since birth. The snap on the rope popped, broke, and smacked her in the eye. It left the entire eye white. We thought she would go blind. But it healed completely after about 2 months of care. When she was about 3 years old, again in the same eye, she somehow got a large cornea scratch. The ointment and face mask for again for about 2 months and she totally healed. Hang in there, he will heal.
Oh geeze! I know how you feel. My mare hyper-extended and tore her suspensory ligament..she's been off ever since May. Finally we're starting to get back into light work undersaddle and WALLA! She's lame again; however, this time it's an abscess (so we think...we're still waiting for it to surface and drain), so since she's crippled at both ends (left hind, front right)...we're back to square one and will have to restart our suspsensory ligament rehab from scratch. This horse has NEVER been lame before and now it's once lameness issue after the other. I'm a poor college student and this mare has emptied my wallet 10 x fold.

My dad jokes and tells me it's time to put the bullet to her... too bad I like her so much, lol.

Best of luck!
At 6 months Preg here is my advice. Tie that boy on a short lead so he can't fight the meds and make sure you are on the side of the fence he isn't on. That way you both are safe.

Glad I don't do ferrier work anymore. My dad taught all us kids (13 of us) when we were young. He use to ride rodeo back in 1930's or so and made sure we all new how to do our own horse work. He has been gone 20 years and I still miss him but don't miss doing feet and the fights some of those big boys and girls put on LOL.I haven't had horses in about 29 years and I do miss them but if I am in need of a fix my brothers still ride.

Good luck honey sure hope everything looks better tomorrow. And me I would be just as worried about the gas bill as the vet's.

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