Age and heating lamp question


May 2, 2020
Dixon, California
I have 5 just now 5 week old girls and 2 just now 4 week old girls and while I will be investing in a mama heating pad thing next time, right now I have a heat lamp. We first used a 250 watt bulb, with dimmer, then changed to a 150 watt bulb with the dimmer. Sometimes they are under it, but mostly not. My question is, can I turn the lamp off for them now? I am in mid northern California, our average daily temps are between 85-100 depending on the day/week we are in the beginning of a 4 day heat wave right now, temps in the low 100’s outside and our house is averaging around 74-78 inside. It might be dropping lower in the nighttime, but I wanted to get thoughts.
My Chicks are 5 weeks old and do fine without heat down to 60F. I have a 250w bulb with dimmer. Last night got down to 58F. I had the dimmer set at 1/3 and most were away from the center of heat. GC
Thanks! I turned off the light yesterday afternoon and the sillies got so worried about the change, that
i turned it back on for them. I am taking them outside today for a good while and will have the lamp off when they return. I will keep an eye on them as well.

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