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9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
Central Washington
I'm getting my first chicks shipped from MPC the middle of April. But my local feed stores are carrying them now. We were planning on getting a few easter eggers locally the week that we get the MPC chicks so they'll all be the same age. BUT I'm too excited, AND my DD's birthday is this Sunday. Would I just be asking for trouble if I got a few chicks now and then added babies in with them when they are a month old? I have a rifridgerator box that I was planning on using as the brooder, while we built the coop. I'm certain that it would be big enough to block off half of it if I needed to keep them separate...but I would have to mix them eventually. What would you do? It's SO hard to wait!
Honestly, it's much much much easier to wait. If you do get some now, they'll definately have to be separated from the little gals. Heck, they'll probably be ready for the coop. Are you going to have a coop ready by then? I think that's your answer
I had ordered from MPC too and found out a feedstore in the closest larger town to us had chicks. They had all the breeds I wanted, so I cancelled my order with MPC (and saved 40 some $'s and got 4 more chicks then I had ordered from MPC). Figured it would be less stressful on the chics then the shipping from CT to TX. Good luck
I figured it would be easier to wait. Hmph. I guess I will wait. My coop should be ready by least I'm planning on having it ready by the time my little fluff balls get here, but know that I'll have several weeks before I HAVE to have it done.

I've checked with all the close feed stores and they don't have the breeds i wanted to get, and that's why I went to MPC. And, honestly, now I'm excited that I'll have breeds that aren't generally readily available around here (if I can keep them all alive:fl)
I did it and it worked great!!!
I have 3 barred rocks that are 1 month older then my 6 other BRs, and they have been one flock since they where first introduced.

Get them chicks are so much fun and then when these are in the dino stage you can have cute chicks again!
I couldn’t wait too. I bought my chicks before my coop was ready. I truly believe that necessity is a good motivator. I have my progress documented on my profile page. It might help in your process. Good luck

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