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Apr 15, 2013
Forrest Beach, FNQ, Australia
I am a born-again-chookie-mum after a very long break and a total newbie to Banties. I have two little girls (I assume they are girls) that I purchased at a local feed/produce store. The young girl serving me probably knows even less about chickens than I remember from years ago so I wonder if someone could please help with with an approximate age and breed (as I said, I am guessing girls). I can take more pictures if necessary. PS. Whitney (brown neck features) is still peeping but Cilla (all black) is clucking/tooking They have the most adorable personalities! Thank you in advance!

They look like little bantam cochins. Look up photos on google images of black cochins, i think one of the girls in particular looks like a black cochin. They are very pretty birds!
Thank you Goldie, I was thinking Cochins after some Googling but after lurking around BYC for a while, I thought I would throw it out there for confirmation. With their small combs, I am guessing very young also but wonder if anyone would be able to give me an approximate age, 3 months or something like that?
i actually think three months is quite accurate. But someone else on here may have a better idea of their age
Pretty girls! They are cochins.

Whitney is a Brown Red, and Cilla is a Black. Cilla will lay for your first, but don't hold your breath. Cochins are notorious for waiting well past 20 weeks, and then going immediately broody.
Thanks again Goldie .. I have made an executive decision that their birthday can be 1st February 2013

Thank you Pele ... I am so happy to have my little friends who enjoy digging/pottering in the garden as much as I do; eggs are just a friendship bonus or 'protection payment' for when they are caught in the vegie garden. Broody? Oh joy, I have maybe 8 weeks to research that new experience ...
BYC to the rescue!


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