age of aggression onset.

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    I have two 4 week old possible roosters who are absolutely vicious. They attack my hand and the other chicks. Drawing blood and pulling feathers. I have them seperate from the others and each other. Is this a stage? My 5 month olds did not go through this. Is it time to cull? Both are bantams, one a sultan and the other is a feather leg. Think it's a cochin.
    Need Advice.
    I don't want to cull if it's not needed.
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    That sounds unusual, rooster aggression, if it happens, doesn't happen until sexual maturity. How much room do they have and what do they do all day? Crowding, boredom, not enough dietary protein, and too much heat can be some reasons for increased aggressive behaviors. If those issues are fine than I probably would cull them or keep the separately.
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    Two issues that can be fixed; having enough space and feeders for your group, and no hand feeding treats. If all is well in space and handling, they are jerks who need to go ASAP. Hope I made sense here! If you have corrected them with no improvement, give up before your other chicks are injured, at least. Mary

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