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    What is the youngest that one can worm a chicken? I have an americauna which came from the feed store and has had runny poo since I brought her home and a few other of my chickens have it also. I am guessing that worming might help. I do have the same problem I had in the first of the year with tapeworm, so I am going to worm everyone. Some of my girls and 2 roos are sneezing so I am guessing they need it also. I hatched out 2 girls and as of this morning 1 boy. They were born May 6, 8, & 15th. Are they ready to be wormed? The two I brought home from the feed store were born the 22nd of May. Could someone please help me with this question? I would like to get this done ASAP.

    Thank you in advance, and have a great day.
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    I've never dewormed a chicken under a year old and especially not brooder raised chicks, just because they haven't had exposure and time to build up a parasite problem. Once they hit a year old I deworm them and then they go on a twice a year deworming schedule. How often you deworm depends a lot on where you live. Warmer, wetter climates have a higher worm population then colder or dryer climates.

    As for the new one with runny poop, could be worms, could be coccidia, bacterial infection... How does she look in general? Healthy, well filled out with nice feathering? Or does she look a little rough and or thin? I think if it were my bird I would probably run a course of Corid just in case she's got a nice case of coccidiosis brewing. I would treat them all. Then maybe a week after that treatment is done worm everybody and do a repeat in 10 days. DId you quarantine the new birds?

    Your other hens and roo's that are sneezing most likely have some kind of respiratory illness going on. Is there any coughing, rattling breathing, any other symptoms besides sneezing? That is definitely something to look into as there is some nasty stuff they can come down with, not curable and they remain carriers.
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    The little one with runny poo is from the feed store. She was inoculated at birth. She looks great. Well filled out and plenty of feathers.

    I did not quarantine the 2 chicks that were born outside. They stayed with the mom and dad. The 3rd chick that was born outside was kicked out of the coop so I brought her in and that is when I bought the other little ones for company. I did give them a course of "Save A Chick Probiotic".

    There is a little bit of coughing going on but I figured that was also dealing with the worms.
    I live in central AZ, 80 miles N. of Phoenix so I do have the heat. Unfortunately hardly any rain.

    I will go to the feed store and find the Corid and if I can't find it there I'll order it.

    Thank you for your help and information.
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    I've asked my vet at what age I can start deworming my chicks and he said not before 5 weeks. Good luck with your chickens, hope it's nothing serious!

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