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Feb 24, 2017
I was wondering what age do most allow their guineas to free range. I'm afraid they are going to hurt themselves if they aren't allowed out soon with the other birds that are free ranging
Mine are just turning 9 weeks old. They've been in their outdoor coop for a couple weeks (three maybe?) now. I have an automatic solar powered light that comes on in the coop at dusk, and as soon as it comes on, they all head up to roost for the evening. So! Now that I know they understand where to roost at night, I'm going to open things up for them to free range this weekend. Wish me luck!!
mine are 10.5 weeks now. and I just released the last one today. I sure hope they stick around. They have been out in a dog run for 3 weeks and on a gradual release for the last 2. they are free ranging in the general area with the chickens and dont seem too affected by the 3 month old kittens who also share the space. even had one get stuck in the chicken run yesterday an I had to herd it out again... with this crazy heat, maybe they wont go far

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