Aggresive Chickens/Roosters toward humans


7 Years
Oct 12, 2012
I've been working on figuring out how to keep my rooster out of the pot, cause he chases everyone & flogs em, especially the kids.

First, I watched a really good example of how to remove the outer casing of their spurs on You Tube. Caught him at night, wrapped him in a sheet, in case he tried to fight (which he didn't) and very carefully removed them. When you take hold of them and he squawks, you're gripping too tightly with the pliers, ease up & rotate just a little both ways (supporting his leg) till they make a little pop sound, he won't make a sounds if you're gentle enough.

Ok, you're ahead now, he will not forget that whole experience, from then on, when any human is close to him, act like they're going to pick him up (it's you energy). Don't let them breed or eat when you're close by, every so often (especially if he eyeballs you, go for it), go toward him quickly & act like you're going to pick him up! This will keep him on his toes, and he will run every time.

The kids may need help with how to manage the energy level and a stick may help them feel braver, but it really works, he has not gone after anyone (we go after him) for over a month now! And he treats the hens better....have fun being Big Boss Daddy on the farm!

I'm glad it is working out for you so far. I had one rooster who liked to sneak up on me when I was bending over and give me a kick. He was a gorgeous rooster, but I wasn't too sad when a hawk got him. The other roosters I have had know to respect my space.
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