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May 11, 2015
I had three guinea fowl to start off with (at this point they were still very young) and I had them with some of my chicks. Two Chicks and two guinea fowl were taken by what i believe was a fox so my guinea fowl has grown up next to the surviving hen.

She is apart of a small flock with my two australorp girls, I have other chickens but they are in a separate flock but all the chickens get along.

Except the guinea fowl.

She became aggressive to one of the australorps who I considered the "Alpha's 2nd in command" and stated to pick on her and now the australorp has been "down graded" and the guinea fowl in now following the alpha hen around instead of the hen that survived with her. The two used to be real close and both used to get picked on.

She also will be foraging next to my other flock fine then out of the blue she'll attack them, bite peck and pull out feathers. I'm not sure what has sparked this sudden aggression so I just wanted some thoughts.

I was thinking of getting another guinea fowl for her or would that just make it worse?

Thank you!

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