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May 2, 2015
i recently bought a small silkie as a new edition for my coop. The coop already has 4 RIR that have been there for a month but are still too young to lay eggs. When I first put him in all the chicken were shocked. Afterwords three of them continued on with their day but one got aggressive. He straight away started pecking at him. I picked him up and took him away from the other chickens (the silkie not the aggressive chicken). For now I built a cage inside the cage so the chickens can see the silkie but can't touch him. What should I do?


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Nov 23, 2010
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The best introductions happen when adding like numbers and like sizes.
Adding a single bird of any size or breed to an established block of RIRs probably wouldn't go well but with the new loner being a silkie makes it really tough.
It's hard for me to imagine a worse combination of breeds.
An established flock of RIRs (which can tend to be the bullies of a mixed flock) and adding a single silkie, one of the most docile breeds. Silkies are also slower than the RIRs and with restricted vision making them extra vulnerable.

I really think you need 2 coops or take away the bully or bullies and let the silkie make friends with the gentlest of the RIRs and each week return one of the RIRS.

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