Aggressive Drakes and Mating?? Then attacking me.


8 Years
Jul 18, 2011
Snohomish County, WA
I have been separating my hens and drakes at night due to aggressive mating behavior when they were in small enclosed spaces, but during the day when they ducks are in their open range (fenced just the same) area had not had a problem. Today the drakes began aggressively attacking one hen repeatedly (all three at once), so I guess they are now separate entirely. Although none of of them seem too happy about it ( the younger hens are quacking loudly repeatedly like they do when they are upset).

The actual question I had was, after the last such aggressive attack, I moved the hens to another pen. I was sitting near the drakes and they came over to me and one of the drakes attacked me. They have nibbled at me before, but the one drake (my favorite of my ducks) literally attacked and was biting very hard. Which he was not allowed to continue! Anyone had this happen before? Really was quite disturbing. Suggestions on how to discourage the behavior???
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I had the same exact problem with one of my drakes. When he starts attacking you , pick him up and hold him upside down, or you can grab his bill and not let go until he stops fighting. It won't hurt him, but he will be embarrassed and learn that you are bigger. It hurt when my drake attacked me (especially with the ridges on the bill), but I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that a 3lb mallard was acting tough
Have to report that Ciscoe the Duck does not like being picked up, turned upside down (Cradled in my arms on his back - He just laid there and looked at me like what the heck is this?), and his bill held. Took exactly two rounds of this procedure for him to learn thou shalt not attack the human. He's back to being nice again. Of course drakes and hens are permanently separated, so maybe that has something to do with it as well. Thanks for the advice. I like it much better with 'Nice Ciscoe'- who is my favorite duck of the six. Oh, I said that already.

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