Aggressive Gosling Starving Other Gosling


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Jun 9, 2020
Hello! I'm new to this forum as I'm experiencing an alarming behavior from my gosling and need your expertise.

I have 2 goslings. They are about a week old. They stay mainly inside right now and go out to free range when I'm outside, but it's just been too hot for them to stay out longer than a couple hours. They have grass to nibble on, the temperature inside their pen is correct, and they always have food and water. They don't appear agitated at all except for this rude gosling's neuroticism.

No matter where I put their food, be it in a container or scattered in the wood chips for them to peck at, the second one sees the other eating he (arbitrary assigned genders until I sex them) runs up, bonks her, and promptly nips at her head and neck, ripping out her downy fur. She is almost entirely naked on her neck because of this. Her head is balding and she is always dunking it in water. I'm worried she will not get enough to eat.
I really don't know if we can have a goose this aggressive should it persist. They cry and cry for each other when I separate them. What should I do?
How big is their pen? Can you provide feed in multiple locations?
Thank you for your reply. It's around 3.5 ft long and 1.5 ft wide. I have scattered the feed all over the ground and also in a food bowl. He runs to where she is and pecks her if she's seen eating from any location.
I agree the pen is too small. I brood my gosling in a kiddie pool. They grow rapidly and I need to give them a bigger pool by 2-3 weeks. Yours may also be too hot if they can't escape the extra heat.
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