Aggressive little Roo


11 Years
Mar 7, 2008
Western Kentucky
Hi All,
I have a 6 month old frizzle bantam roo that can be very sweet and loving, but very aggressive, too. He attacks my shoes and legs all the time. Just runs after my feet all puffed up and ready to flog, almost tripping me too.
He will sit on your lap, be carried about and is a good roo otherwise, just not on the ground. He is with two pullets since birth who are standard size. They have their own coop and run.
Another flock, a roo and 3 bantams, is in the barn. They are allowed out to free range with supervision and I have to frequently separate the roos as they will get in eachothers terrritory and spar. They do not fight if separated by a fence.
The older roo, I have had for 6 yrs and he is the best roo/chicken ever. He receives a lot of attention. Do you think the young one is jealous?

With the young one (I have tried: picking him up and carrying around, turning upside down, squirting with a squirt bottle if he advances, yelling NO, and hit him with a towel last nite when he got really bad. This has been going on for about a month to 6 weeks. For the past week, I tried the squirt bottle which seemed to work at first, after the first 2 squirts he would back off and go do chicken stuff, but now it seems to only make him worse. I don't want to cull him and would like to keep him, any suggestions at all appreciated?
My legs look like I have some strange disease with all the peck marks on them. he will peck the shoes or bare skin, and if I have long pants, will grab on like a pit bull and pull with his beak or hang on even if I walk away, I can lift my leg up and he will hang on with his beak. What Else Can I Do? Last night I made him go for a walk with me and carried him about for 15 minutes. He seems to settle when held, and halfway around the pasture he usually nods off. He is an odd one.
I had the same problem with a roo a couple of months ago. He ended up in the stew pot. Here is an article that might help. I wished I had it when my roo was still young and I had known what I was doing.

Good Luck!

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